General Information

    1. Entry due April 2021 PAQA meeting, (or when we finally meet in person)
    2. The Color in the Park Challenge is open to PAQA Members in good standing. (That means you have to have paid your dues.)
    3. There is no fee or commission.
    4. Upon completion of entries, quilts will be submitted to various venues for display as a group exhibition.
    5. Your accepted quilt must remain with the challenge exhibition until the exhibition is done traveling.
    6. All members are encouraged to send ideas regarding exhibition venues to Vickie,, or Darcy,


    1. The challenge is to create a visual interpretation of a park that includes 20 percent of a color that has been chosen from a group of paint chips supplied by Roberta Dahmer. Please contact Vickie Alsene or Darcy Berg if you do not have a paint chip.
    2. A park can be a national park, a state park, a forest preserve, a city park, a playground or a pocket park. Arboretums and botanic gardens are included.
    3. The quilt could be a landscape or a small part of a park.


    1. The quilt should fit into a 24” x 24” square from one side to the next.
    2. The quilt may be asymmetric but must measure no more than 24″ at its widest point.
    3. Try your best to keep your quilt to a 24” x 24” size for continuity within the exhibition.


    1. Quilts may have a binding.
    2. If you choose to use a facing or pillowcase finish, here is a video by Joe Cunningham that illustrates the facing process beautifully:
    3. A vented sleeve must be a straight horizontal line suitable for hanging. Please follow Judy Zoelzer Levine’s process for a vented sleeve.
    4. Quilts will be laid flat for ease of storage and shipping.
    5. No “touch me” pieces. Meaning we do not want to encourage people to touch our quilts.
    6. Nothing can extend more than 1/2″ beyond the surface of the quilt.
    7. All quilts will have a label on the back that includes the following,
      1. Title of Quilt
      2. Your name
      3. Any other information you think would be important.
    8. Include a wood slat for hanging.
      1. slat must be made of flat wood, and
      2. must be cut to be a ½ inch from each edge, and
      3. be an inch wide and no more than a ¼ to 3/8 inch thick, and,
      4. have a ¼ inch hole at each end, no less than a ¼ inch from the end,
      5. slat does not need to be painted
      6. include your name and your quilt’s name on the slat

Entry Information

    1. Send Entry information to:
      1. Vickie Alsene,, or
      2. Darcy Berg,
    2. Please provide:
      1. the name of your quilt
      2. your name
      3. your phone number
      4. your email address
      5. is the quilt for sale? How much? If not, say Not for Sale.
      6. vi. 2 photos no more than 1500 pixels on the longest side
        1. one overall photo, and
        2. one detail photo

When you bring your quilts to the PAQA Meeting in April

    1. Make sure that all your information is firmly attached to the quilt (I would hand sew a label on to it)
      1. the name of your quilt
      2. your name
      3. your phone number
      4. your email address

Print rules

If you have any questions please contact Vickie Alsene at 815-481-4819, or Darcy Berg at 815-436-6781