• Cut four 4” squares of fabric, press into triangles
  • Place triangles into corners (raw edge out) on right side of quilt top.
  • Sew 1/8” in from raw edge of quilt to hold triangle in place. Sew only on triangles and sewing off the edges. (See image 1).
  • Measure and cut four 3” wide strip lengths for sides and top of quilt. Fold lengthwise and press. Lay on top of quilt (raw edges out) and trim strip lengths so they are 1” in from each corner and/or overlap triangle folded edge. Pin & sew, using ¼” and running stitches off sides of quilt. Add a tacking stitch to the corner stitches. (See image 1)
  • Remove “bulk” at corners by cutting a neat curve.
  • Turn facing to back of quilt and using a small blunt object, push out the corners gently. The facing will naturally fall into place but needs pressing to ensure it is unseen from the front of the finished quilt. (See image 2 & 3)
  • Pin facing into place and whip stitch or artist choice. Image 3 shows top of quilt finished.

NOTES: Facing is sewn onto the front of the quilt and pulled to the back. Choosing a facing that closely matches the top of the quilt helps.

If your work is very bulky, it still can be faced.Your Content Goes Here